The 2017 Great Park Pursuit

The Great Park Pursuit (GPP) encourages participants to visit up to 20 GPP sites located across Nebraska between May 1 and September 18, 2017. Players follow clues that will lead them to a GPP post, where they use a pencil to make an impression of the post to prove they were there. Prizes and entry into drawings are based on the number of impressions collected. The grand prize is an outdoor recreation package with a retail value of $1,500.

The goal of the GPP, a partnership between the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association, is to promote active lifestyles while increasing awareness of the state’s nature-rich outdoor recreation opportunities. Since 2008 more than 16,000 Nebraskans have enjoyed the adventure the Great Park Pursuit offers.


Who is NeRPA?

NeRPA is the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association, an active non-profit organization comprised of professionals and advocates dedicated to the promotion of park resources and recreation advancement in the State of Nebraska. NeRPA also acts as an independent voice for the park and recreation movement at the national level and provides statewide educational opportunities for members.